Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Attitude Adjustment Miracle

I am a first and second grade teacher, and my youngest son is in my class. It is such a joy to have him, to see how silly he is when he is around his classmates. The challenge that I have faced with him is dealing with his instantaneous devastation whenever he makes a mistakes or receives correction of any kind. It has been so bad that I cringe at the thought of helping him with anything, because I know how poorly my help will be received. Well today we were having our usual struggle, and he was telling me how he was having such a terrible day, and "I don't like today" etc.
I grabbed him in a hug and told him. Of course its a horrible day. You get so mad over nothing, that it would be impossible for you to have a good day. I let it go at that and a couple of hours later he was smiling and saying, "this is a really good day!" My eyebrows shot up a bit, curious about this unexpected change. Later in the day I received a beautiful card from my son. It said "mom I love you so so so much. but you are right I shood have a good atitood" and he drew a big decorated heart. I cannot even express the warm blanket of joy that crept over my heart when I read his note.

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